Top 10 Best Free Android Apps (July 2020)

Top 10 Best Free Android Apps (July 2020)

The Google Play store contains more than 2.9 million Apps. So, I think it's not easy to find out Best Apps from Google Play store. Here's the List of Top 10 Apps that I've used and I found it to be Interesting and Useful. The List includes wallpaper apps, file sharing app, Document scanner app and many more!

1.Kaagaz Scanner - Download Here  

As we know, Popular Document scanner app called Camscanner got banned in India and everyone is looking for an alternative. So, here's the alternative of Camscanner app, Kaagaz Scanner. Kaagaz Scanner is an Indian app. The Best thing about it is it does not require any Sign In, You can simply download the app and scan the Document.


⇾Three Scanning Modes- B&W, Colour scan, Grayscale
⇾PDF Can be shared via E-mail, Social Media, Text etc.
⇾Scan Multiple documents at once
⇾Page Edges detected automatically and can be manually adjusted

Wallnut is a Wallpaper app. Wallnut is having a huge collection of High-Quality Wallpapers. Wallpapers are Separated by the collection such as Shapes, abstract, Nature, Sketch, etc.


⇾Cloud-based Wallpapers

⇾Based on Open source

3.Mi Control Center- Download Here

How many of You've seen the MIUI 12 Notification Panel? The Notification Panel on the MIUI 12 Looks so Cool and It is Feature-ish too. So, If You want that MIUI 12 Notification panel in Your Android Device, then this is the app for You.


⇾Two Different Layouts
⇾Full-Colour Customisation
⇾Adjustable Background types
⇾Quick Reply
⇾You can dismiss or snooze Notifications

As we know, The Most Popular App Xender got banned in India due to Privacy Issues. So, here's the alternative of Xender, Z Share. Z Share is a File-sharing App developed in India. You can definitely give it a try.


⇾Works without Internet Connection
⇾Share Large files too 

It's Not Easy to Focus on something when you're in a noisy environment. Endel App will help you in Concentrating on Your Work or Sleep. This App will Provide you Soothing Sounds for sleep and stress relief. The App comes with Different modes such as Relax Mode, Focus Mode, Sleep Mode, On-the-go Mode.

This App will definitely help in..
⇾Stress Reduction
⇾Productivity Increase
⇾Concentration and Focus better
⇾Calming daily relaxation
⇾Sleeping calmer

6. Activity Bubbles- Download Here 

Activity Bubbles is the Wallpaper from the Google Creative Lab. This App will help you to discover what your phone usage look like in a day. whenever You unlock the phone, it will create a new bubble.
It the Same as Digital Wellbeing.


⇾Easy to Use
⇾Looks Good On Homescreen

In Recent times, Finally, People started giving attention to Privacy. many Chinese Smartphone manufactures started giving Importance to Privacy of the user. But there some apps, which takes unnecessary permission and Add Trackers in our Smartphones. So, If You want to know, Which App in Your Smartphone taking Permissions and which trackers are adding in our Smartphones, This App Will definitely help. Exodus app helps you to know which trackers and permissions are embedded in apps installed on your smartphone.


8.PixelFlow- Download Here 

PixelFlow App will help in creating Intros or different Animations easily. It can produce complicated animations of text effect as well as an animated background. It has lots of custom Text animations and backgrounds created professionally. 


⇾25+ Animated text templates
⇾15+ Dynamic Backgrounds
⇾500+ Video Backgrounds
⇾Custom solid colour backgrounds and a Lot More!

9.UltraPix- Download Here

UltraPix is a wallpaper app for Users who have Smartphones with Waterdrop Notch. Lots of Budget and Mid-range Smartphones are available with Waterdrop Notch. This app has a Collection of these notch wallpapers, and it looks good. The App also has a large collection of HD and 4K Wallpapers. If You have a Smartphone with AMOLED Screen, then definitely you should try out this app.


⇾Simple, light and Fast
⇾Variety of Sections
⇾Multiple themes
⇾Variety of Collections

10. Made In India- Download Here

Made in India is an Application for Scanning Products Barcode and QR Code. Whenever You'll Scan the barcode or QR Code of Product, This App will show you the origin country of the products company. During this Boycott China movement, this app can be very helpful.


⇾You can Scan or Manually enter the barcode
⇾Easy to use
⇾You'll Get more information about as per Global Standards 1 organization.

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