Spotify Vs JioSaavn Vs Gaana Vs YT Music Vs Amazon Music Vs Wynk : Ultimate Comparison

Spotify Vs JioSaavn Vs Gaana Vs YT Music Vs Amazon Music Vs Wynk : Ultimate Comparison

Music has become an Important Part of Our Life. Few Years before, We used to save Songs in Our Memory Cards and Listen to them whenever We want. But now, the time has Changed and We have Music streaming Apps, Where we can listen to Music with mobile data. Last year, Spotify entered Into Indian Market. Now, we have Many Music Streaming Apps available On Playstore, With Different features and Paid plans. Here's the Detailed Comparision of Most Popular Music Streaming Apps.

I've Selected total 6 Apps which Includes Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, YT Music, Amazon Music and Wynk Music.I'll Compare them depends on Different factors.


India is a Diverse Country with several languages. Indian Audience needs songs available in Different regional languages. I think Spotify and Amazon Music lacks when it comes to Regional Music.

Spotify- 7
JioSaavn- 15
Gaana- 21
YT Music- Not Specified.Expecting it to available in all Indian languages
Amazon Music- 10
Wynk Music- 14

JioSaavn, YT Music and Gaana are I think Perfect for Typical Indian User. Wynk also has Regional Music Content but It has Limited Number Of Songs.

⇾Music Collection

Music Collection is One of the Most Important Factor. Spotify has a Huge Collection of International Music and With the time Spotify also adding Regional Music Content But It can not take Lead against Jio Saavn and Gaana. Wynk Music again has a very Limited Collection.

Spotify- 40 Million+
JioSaavn- 45 Million+
Gaana- 45 Million+
YT Music- All Songs available on Youtube
Amazon Music- 40 Million
Wynk Music- 1.8 Million

Well, If You're someone who listens International Music then Spotify and YT Music will be a Good Choice. Amazon Music also offers International Music.

Free Trial Period

All of the Apps comes with Free Trial Period, So You can test before Signing Up for any Paid Service.
JioSaavn and YT Music offers the Highest Free Trial Period for 90-Days.

Spotify- 30-Days 
JioSaavn- 90-Days
Gaana- NA
YT Music- 90-Days
Amazon Music- 60-Days
Wynk Music- 30-Days

Wynk Music Comes Free as An Benefit for Airtel 4G Users. Amazon Music Comes with Amazon Prime Membership.

Paid Plans & Music Streaming Quality

All of the Music Streaming Apps Comes with Paid Subscriptions for Some Additional Features.

Spotify- Rs.129 Per Month, Rs.1,189 One For Year(320 kbps)
JioSaavn- Rs.99 Per Month, Rs.399 For One Year(320 kbps)
Gaana- Rs.99 Per Month, Rs.399 For One Year(320 kbps)
YT Music- Rs.99 Per Month, NA(256 kbps)
Amazon Music- Rs.129 Per Month, Rs.999 For One Year(256 kbps mp3)
Wynk Music- Rs.99 Per Month, NA(320/256 kbps)

Amazon Music Subscription also allows you to Amazon Prime and Some other benefits too. at the same time, Wynk Music Is Free For Airtel Users. Some of Apps Provides Students Plans, Family Plans, etc.

Free Features

Music Streaming Apps Provides Some Of Basic Features Free.

Spotify-  All tracks Available with Ads
JioSaavn- All tracks and lyrics available with Ads
Gaana- Tracks with Available with Ads
YT Music- All tracks available with Ads
Amazon Music- NA 
Wynk Music-  Tracks Available with Ads

Paid Features

If You Want High-Quality Audio and Some Advance features then You have to Opt For Paid Subscriptions.

Spotify- Ad-free tracks, Offline Download, HD Audio, Full range of curated Playlists
JioSaavn-  Ad-free tracks, Offline Download, HD Audio
Gaana- Ad-free Music, HD Quality, Unlimited Downloads
YT Music- Ad-free Music, Downloads, Background Play
Amazon Music- Ad-free Music, Hd Quality, Unlimited Downloads
Wynk Music- Ad-free Music, Unlimited Downloads, Premium Content

Interface & Recommendations 

Talking about Features & recommendations, JioSaavn, YT Music and Spotify are the Best. Gaana App has some good Features and Decent recommendations. I didn't like the Interface Of Amazon Music and Wynk Music. However, Amazon Music recommends some Good Music & Albums.


Well, I think when it comes to regional music content, Jiosaavn and Gaana have done a pretty good job. 
International Music listeners definitely Go for Spotify.
On the other hand, YT Music has access to almost every language with its video streaming platform backing it.
Amazon Music is also Good Choice because it comes with some additional advantages such as Amazon Prime, and Other Amazon delivery benefits.
Only Airtel Users can go for Wynk Music because It's Free for them.

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